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Midisticks at the British Invention Show

Come and see a demonstration, and say hello, and perhaps have a go!

28th September 2006 -- Midisticks is to exhibit on the Kingston University stand (E1) at the British Invention Show. We'll be demonstrating the sticks.
The exhibition runs from the 18th to 21st October 2006, at Alexandra Palace, London.

URL: http://www.britishinventionshow.com

Updated 20th October 2006 - 00:00

We are honoured and proud to announce that Midisticks Won Double Gold - British Innovation Of The Year - (Leisure) - 2006.

Double Gold British Innovation Of The Year(Leisure) 2006.

Many many thanks to all those who have helped us gain this important prize! Listen to a show review on the news page.

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