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Not so much "Drumming up business," but rather, "Making sure people don't get the wrong end of the stick" and that we're "All dancing to the same rhythm".

10th March 2006 -- MidisticksTM will be chairing a forum and discussion session at Sounds Expo '06. on Saturday, 11th March 2006, at 1045 (1st floor).

The aim of the forum is to introduce people to the concept of MidisticksTM and to find out as much information as possible from the people that matter the most.

It's hoped that a prototype demonstration of MidisticksTM will be given, but the idea behind the occasion is more Market Research than Sales.

Midisticks Limited's CEO, Andrew Cordani, said "Sounds Expo is a wonderful opportunity to gauge people's reactions and expectations. We want to listen to what people want from Midisticks."

(c)Photo:Nadia Halim Cheesekit:Walter Willems Used by kind permission.

Cheese Roll, anyone?

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