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MidisticksTM : A drum kit without drums. When you use the sticks, the World around you becomes the drums.

Confused? You're not alone. Children accept something out of the ordinary or unexpected as magic, and get on with the important task of playing.

MidisticksTM are an innovative electronic percussion MIDI trigger. 

MidisticksTM are drumsticks that detect the material that they are being played on and generate MIDI messages.

MidisticksTM are sensitive: The softer you hit a material, the lower (quieter) the triggered MIDI velocity.

MidisticksTM are programmable. Many different materials can be programmed and mapped to MIDI triggers. Many of the materials recognized are found in the typical studio, household, rehearsal room or bar.

After programming, when a recognized material is struck again, the pre-assigned MIDI trigger is generated.


Tap on a drum practice pad, and train the sticks to generate a Snare Drum MIDI trigger.

Tap on a pad of paper and assign that to a tom tom.

Tap on a mouse mat and assign that to be a cowbell.

Each of the MidisticksTM behaves as a separate instrument - That's to say that each stick can be assigned to generate a different MIDI trigger for the same material.

For instance:

Striking a coaster with the right stick can generate a Ride Cymbal trigger, striking it with left stick might generate a Crash Cymbal trigger.

Pedals can be used  to provide other effects, such as Hi-Hat and Bass drum. (Currently, these are not velocity sensitive).

No external microphones are required. MidisticksTM can be used in places where there is ambient noise - making them ideal for home studios, busking, rehearsals, and practice sessions.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please, get yourself an account on the forum, and join in.

Forum for discussion, and feedback: http://www.midisticks.info

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